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The dead have risen to tear the flesh from the living. Nearly everything is gone. A group of young teens must now navigate this rotting world all alone. Trying to Survive


Omaha Edition calls it Lord of the Flies meets The Walking Dead

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A summer without WiFi forced a then 12-year-old James Hardman into his own imagination in search of entertainment. What he found was a world ravaged by the dead and void of any adult guidance or protection.  He grabbed a legal pad and penned the imaginary adventure him and his friends undertook. One of physical and moral struggles and more than enough gore to concern his parents.

They consulted a mental health professional that assured them he wasn't scary coo coo, just a talented writer with a vivid imagination.

After several years of soliciting publishers and making edits, the now 17-year-old writer has his first published book... Trying to Survive

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You can purchase your print copy directly from this website, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and several other online retailers.

You can download the eBook in your device's app store.

IF you would prefer to purchase your copy in person it is available at comic book stores as well as small book stores throughout the country.

A map of these locations can be found below.

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